Last updated : 10th March 2022
What all information we Collect

Our application is a companion app that only works when connected with our proprietary desktop recruiting software with the help of our inhouse created APi's. We do not use any kind of analytic tool or any third party SDK's that gathers information regarding the devices name, country, location or any other user data from the SmartPhones.

Our application receives data via the api that is personal to customers who use it,Gopher companion does not monetize data.

Can a person of any age use our APP?

Our app is a business centric app that syncs the contacts from the desktop Gopher application for recruiting firms so recruiters can contact their applicants and clients from their mobile phone or view their clients contact information. We do not have any limitation for AGE as to who can use it,since it only works for the customers who already own a licensed version of Gopher Recruiting Software.

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Information You Can Access

Users of Gopher Companion can only access client information that already exists in the users own proprietary database that they built using a licensed version of Gopher Recruiting Software so users have mobile access to their recruiting database for finding and contacting people in their database quickly via mobile device.