Link Help

Links displayed on this window in Gopher apply to the person on the current record. If the window remains open and another current record in Gopher is selected the window will change to the new current record. Links are created for a person in a number of ways:

Clicking one of the group icons Profile, Resume, Memo or Job, opens the Go4Browser for navigation and saving a link to the group icon clicked.

Clicking a job record icon opens the target screen for adding or deleting people targets for a job.

Clicking the web icon on the top Gopher tool bar opens the Go4Browser for updating the current persons profile with any page saved using the Save button in the Go4Browser.

Clicking the LinkedIn button at the bottom of the Gopher screen. This action opens the Go4Browser in a search mode in LinkedIn for this persons name and title. By saving the LinkedIn profile with the Go4Browser a LinkedIn profile link is created in this persons linked window. Note: Only one LinkedIn profile per person allowed.

Clicking the Search LinkedIn button on the Gopher Job tab. This action activates a search in LinkedIn with the Go4Browser using the title and keywords in the current job record. The search terms can be easily modified to increase or decrease the number of LinkedIn profiles found. The found profiles can then be imported into Gopher via the Export PDF or Save Link buttons on the Go4Bowser. Export PDF allows importing the LinkedIn profile to Gopher and attaching this person as a target to the current job. The Save button attaches this person to the job as a LinkedIn person of interest.

Links can be web navigated or opened by clicking the link. Links that begin with http (web links) will navigate to the web page of the link. Links that begin with a drive letter, i.e. 'c:' (local links) will open the document. http links open the page in the Go4Browser. New links can be added via browsing/searching. http links can also be added by clicking the 'Add' menu to open the Go4Browser on your 'home' page for browsing to a new link. Tip: Set your browser home page to Google.

The unique 'Web Site' link on this persons profile page is also shown. The LinkedIn profile link is also unique. Links beginning with a drive letter are added by clicking the green 'plus' icon on the bottom right of the Resume, Memo or Job tabs.

Delete links by clicking the check box next to the links and clicking 'Delete Selections' on the menu. Drive letter links can also be deleted by 'Right' clicking their 'link' icon on the Resume, Memo or Job tabs. To see results of adds or deletes click the 'Refresh' menu. Targets and jobs can only be deleted by opening the targets window for the job and jobs can only deleted from the Job tab.

Link Icon Descriptions

  • Identifies a group of links connected to this persons profile

  • Identifies a group of links connected resumes for this person.

  • Identifies a group of links connected to memo records for this person.

  • Identifies a group of links connected to job records for this person.

  • LinkedIn profile link of this person. One linkedIn link per person.

  • LinkedIn links connected to this person.

  • LinkedIn links connected to a job as a person of interest.

  • Local link connected to a client profile.

  • Local link connected to an applicant profile.

  • Web link on this persons profile record.

  • Job record for this person as an applicant or client.

  • A target record attached to a job record as an applicant or client.

  • Web link of no specific type.

  • Unknown link.