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Hosted or SAAS with Mobile access

Using our hosting service to run your Gopher provides an ultra-secure environment and automatic minute to minute backups.

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Gopher Companion

presents the innovate apps to manage your clients and applicants on the Go.

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Company Profile

A generational software development company since 1980, we pioneered home computing the power of linking data and social networking for the recruiting industry and are now pioneering products being delivered on any device anywhere and on any platform with expertise in Dot Net, Xamarin, SAAS, Droid/iPhone apps and the newest frontier of Blockchains and Smart Contracts.

BlackDog Products for Recruiters

Gopher for recruiters Cloud Hosted
Gopher Cloud Hosted

This product runs via an internet connection but without the security risks of a web server

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gopher companion
Gopher Companion

An iPhone or Andorid app connecting your recruiting database to your mobile phone

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gopher everywhere
Gopher ATS

Using the latest technology to produce lighten fast access to huge recruiting databases accessible from any device

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Gropher Desktop

Recruitment software must save time for the recruiter! Any extra clicks to search or see more information is stealing money from the recruiter and the staffing firm. Gopher's desktop is designed to show a recruiter what is needed to quickly link candidates to clients and track the results.

Gropher Hosting

What is hosting? Hosting by BlackDog is using your computer and internet connection to access computer services that run on remote servers. On the surface, hosting appears much like any other program accessed but it is cloud based with all the security, backup and reliability that come with cloud based solutions.


BlackDog offers a complete range of computing services ranging from recruiting or staffing software, software development solutions based on Dot Net, Mobile apps and staffing augmentation for software development.

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Gopher Companion

New way to connect with clients and applicants on the move..

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Available now on App Store & Play Store

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